Virtualization Support

K&A Tech Services Allows Your Business Systems to Rapidly Evolve

K&A Tech Services shows your business better ways to integrate and manage systems faster. The secret is server utilization and consolidation. That means your IT systems are less likely to fail and server restoration is substantially faster. Our virtualization services powerfully enable your business to reduce the cost of downtime. There are no lost productivity and sales, and your reputation doesn’t become tarnished. There’s even enhanced security. All of this leads to more time for you to respond to your business needs.

Virtualization lets you do things like never before with just physical infrastructure. Bring your business into a new era of efficiency and productivity.

In-house vs. Outsourced IT

K&A Tech Services IT Support Services

Readiness Assessment

  • Pinpoint opportunities in existing physical infrastructure
  • Review results
  • Analyze information & report findings

Post-Migration Support

  • Commence knowledge transfer
  • Fully utilize & maintain virtual environment 24×7
  • Automatic updates

Architecture Design

  • Design virtualized infrastructure
  • Create roadmap to consolidate physical environment into a virtual one
  • Properly size physical host to support virtual machine workloads
  • High-availability technologies
  • Technologies for shared storage
  • Performance analysis for CPU, memory & Disk I/O
  • Identify bottlenecks in virtual infrastructure

Benefits of Our Virtualization Services

Reduce Hardware Costs

K&A Tech Services implements a virtualized server and cloud computing approach. Hardware utilization increases because one physical server now holds multiple virtual machines. Applications no longer need their own server. That’s a big reduction in hardware and software costs, and a formidable boost in business productivity.

Energy Cost Savings

With K&A Tech Services migrating physical servers to virtual machines, you consolidate the farm. The result is cooling and power costs are significantly reduced. Not only are you “going green,” but you are also putting more green in your budget to spend elsewhere. Surveys say that server consolidation reduces energy costs by up to 80%. Another plus is the ability to power down servers without affecting applications or users.

Faster Provisioning, Deployment

K&A Tech Services enables system provisioning and deployment within minutes. There’s no more spending hours and lots of dollars putting in place a new physical server. Once we lead you to a virtual setting, you never again have to fill out purchase orders, wait for servers to arrive, then anticipate when operating systems and applications finish installing. Fewer servers means less racks and cables. By saving all that time and money, you get to harness the explosion of data resources needed to keep pace with your competitors.

Increases Efficiency

With fewer physical servers on hand, there’s less to maintain and manage. This leaves K&A Tech Services and your team more time for more productive tasks. You then drive new business initiatives, cut expenses and raising revenue.

Improves Disaster Recovery

K&A Tech Services quickly and securely moves virtual machines from one server to another. Backing up your critical data is done swiftly and effectively. That’s because of the effortlessness of creating a replication site. We deliver platforms with software to automate failover during a disaster. It also allows you to test a disaster recovery failover. If a disaster happens, your infrastructure takes the proper measures for a safe and speedy recovery.

Are you ready to reduce your costs and improve productivity?