Government IT Support Services

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Government IT Support

A steady influx of new laws, regulations and policies means IT requirements are constantly changing. Offices at both the state and city levels are in need of technology that not only holds up now, but provides continuous support as the economic landscape evolves. Government IT workers demand solutions that are flexible enough to scale seamlessly without having to make costly ongoing investments, implement entirely new systems, or mix and match individual tools from different vendors. K&A Tech Services knows how to evaluate your government agency needs and keep you on top of constituent demands. We help both local and regional governments host critical office applications and provide capacity in the cloud.

We offer managed services that unlock upfront investment and predictable monthly expenses, offer full access to an IT infrastructure complete with hardware, applications and security, and deliver a fully operational off-premise environment managed by seasoned IT professionals.

Benefits of Our Government IT Support Services

  • Cost savings
  • Operational efficiency
  • Increased responsiveness to constituents
  • Risk aversion
  • Better resource utilization
  • Improved system performance
  • Transparency
  • Access to professional advice

Government IT Support Challenges

Meet Growing Demands

Government organizations face the challenges of exponentially growing demands on resources with limited budgets, increasingly demanding compliance requirements, and significant consequences for non-compliance. K&A Tech Services provides tailor-made managed IT service and cloud solutions to produce flexible, compliant and secure outcomes that meet your policy, compliance and commercial challenges, as well as drive you to better efficiency.

Reduce Costs

Government agencies are pressured to reduce costs at all levels. Dealing with shrinking budgets and demands for newer services is forcing agencies to carefully look for areas that may be optimized or simplified. K&A Tech Services helps you better deal with those reductions and stay productive.


Government agencies are forced to work together and find ways to collaborate and simplify operations with those having common needs. This is a sharp contrast to the past when agencies couldn’t justify or weren’t interested in combining computing resources with other agencies. K&A Tech Services works with you to keep the teams harmonious.

Agility & Innovation

Government agencies are seeking to achieve new levels of agility and innovation. The constant demand for new services and deployment of new technologies is pushing them to simplify and reduce their infrastructure footprint. K&A Tech Services is always available to help make that impression.


Government agency IT leaders are exposed to complex projects. But, new demands are tasking IT organizations to their limit. With K&A Tech Services, together, we scale services up or down as required at the same time that you must meet business needs.

Peace of Mind

Government agencies also face other challenges, such as security, transparency, privacy and regulatory compliance. They need to make use of better delivery models to improve flexibility and provide a better end-user experience. With K&A Tech Services, we give you peace of mind and the ability to focus on running your business.

We Support

  • eCommerce
  • Office 365
  • AccuFund Accounting Suite
  • NationBuilder
  • CityReporter
  • PubWorks
  • Utilibill
  • Neubrain Budgeting
  • PropertyPilot
  • Results Scorecard
  • WebDPW
  • MuniLogic
  • SicommNet eProcurement System

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